Aerial Photography

Add something different to your website, brochure and reception with Aerial Photography

We have been operating aerial photography platforms for over 4 years now and have supplied some great photos and videos to our schools. These photos and videos really give something different that is only possible with this technology

Anti Bullying Campaign

We helped this primary School to get across their anti bullying message by arranging their 500 students into the word STOP, the weather was great and we had a great time working with the staff to achieve this, the whole process took around 30 minutes.

Aerial Photography of STOP campaign
Aerial Photography Arranged like school emblem

School Crest Aerial Photography

This primary school wanted something to make their website standout so we organised the children into a group shaped like the school crest, another glorious day. After the shoot we sat down with year 2 and did a short presentation about aerial photos explaining the safety equipment and how the aerial platform works. The children were intrigued and asked some really good question about the process, hopefully we inspired some budding aerial photographers, and also taught them some aspects of safety while flying.

Primary School 50th Anniversary

To celebrate the 50th anniversary we arranged the students into a HUGE number 50 on the school field we all had a really good day and even went over to nursery to give them their own little fly by and nursery photo.

Aerial Photography 50 year anniversary

Aerial Photography Setup from Above

We took some video while setting up some of our projects to show you what the process looks like, we usually arrange cones or mark out with chalk the shape you want. Then we arrange the children into the shape, we always have 2 flight operatives on each shoot to ensure safety, which is always our primary concern and also to manage the students.