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Our Story in School Photography

As the North West’s leading school photography company, John Hunt photography has been at the forefront of the industry for over 35 years.
A family focused company that is managed by John, Martyn and Marcus.

John Hunt photography employs over 30 Local School photography experts, We operate our own Lab and production facility in North Manchester, and have a dedicated customer service team, We deliver stunning photography portraits, offer fantastic benefits to our partner schools and provide a stress free experience for both school and parents.

Collaborating with schools and customers we strive to be the very best and we would love for you to join us on this journey and put the fun back into school photography and let us become an important part of your schools community.

We are continuously striving to expand the services we can deliver, with over 35 years of experience we always deliver the excellent school photos that you know and love, but you may be surprised at what else we can offer.

Contact our sales team on 0161 723 5170

Admin Free System

Our system is admin free, so no proof cards to hand out, no money kept on site and no need to sort through photographs, and you will still receive an industry leading commission. Leaving school staff to do what is important.

Individual Portraits

With pack prices starting at just £5.00 this service offers great value to parents and with upto 20% commission for school on all traditional school photography orders it is a great way to raise money for school funds.

Class Photos

We have a selection of class and team photos including the modern composite style, tradition class photo and a brand new way to showcase your teams. We have lots of different styles, take a look for something new.

We have taken our experience with virtual reality and rolled it into a product that can sell your school from the inside. With a 360 video tour of your school we can take prospective parents through the school and take them on a tour without them even being there. Your tour can be embedded into your website and add a really advanced feature, making you stand out from the crowd. Take a look at our short video on you tube to see an example of a virtual tour here Youtube Link
Or give a tour a try yourself here Link to Tour

Data Protection Policy

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