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School Group Photography

From large whole school groups to the chess club we can accommodate any group you have in school. We have several different school group photography styles to choose from. We offer a traditional class photo right through to a green or white screen composite. Watch this space for some innovation in team photography, we have something new coming in 2019.

Traditional Class Photography

Traditional Class Groups

Our Traditional school group photography is usually taken in the spring/summer term.
If the weather permits and there is a suitable place, we will try to shoot your photographs outside. However, the British weather is very unreliable so we may have to take the photographs in your school hall.

Dual Mount

A great alternative to the standard class photo is our Dual Mount option that personalises each class with the addition of an individual photo of each child.
The Dual Mount option makes each class package unique and with several different combinations available, proves very popular with parents.


Fun, Exciting and Affordable

Classmates is a new and exciting way of taking class photos. Each class is photographed in several small groups then merged together into a contemporary layout. We offer 3 different styles of layout, our panoramic 20”x8” print in a mount, our two tier 10”x8” print mounted and our premium 16”x6” in a frame. This gives parents a great product and the option to choose the most appropriate format for home display. You may choose to opt for our “Classmates Plus” which offers an individual photo as well giving parents even more choice.

School Class Photography Classmates


Changing the way we take class photos doesnt change our commitment to great value, our prices start at just £10.00 and our commision rate of 15% means both you and your parents get the best deal. We have a wide range of products available online and have even introduced a new framed classmates that is just the right size to display at home or in school and at just £15.00 is fantastic value.

School Group Photos leavers gift

Free gift for all year 6 leavers

Everyone in year 6 that has an individual photo taken on the day will receive our ‘Scrapbook Swappers’ pack free, so that every child leaving school will have a memento to look back on.
find out more about scrapbook swappers

Class photos for you

We supply all of our schools with a 10”x8” print of each class for you to display in school and if you decide to have a staff photo taken each member of staff will receive a complimentary 10”x8” print free of charge.

Enhance your photos

We encourage you to include props in your classmates photos especially for clubs and teams, this really makes each of the photos even more special.

Large Groups

Large School Group Photo
Whole School Photo